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Welcome to LaVash Service & Auto Spa, Lodi, NJ’s premier destination for exceptional auto care. With over 10 years of expertise under our belts, we’ve mastered the art of automotive excellence, offering a range of services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our facility, equipped with the latest technology and staffed by a team of passionate, highly skilled technicians, is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. From precision brake repairs to comprehensive detailing, each service is executed with an eye for perfection and a commitment to quality. At LaVash, your high-performance vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of your style. Trust us to keep your car running smoothly and looking its absolute best – because at LaVash Service & Auto Spa, we believe every car deserves the royal treatment.


Auto Services and Pricing

We encourage you to visit us in person for an estimate that is customized to meet the unique needs of your vehicle. The prices listed below represent only the estimated labor costs, as the total pricing can significantly vary based on your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Additionally, we typically charge a $50 diagnostic fee, but this fee is waived if you choose to proceed with the repairs we recommend. This ensures that you get the best value for the services we provide. If you have any questions, please call us at (609) 536-6586 or complete our Contact Form. We’re here to help!

Brake Repair Services

Brake Pad Replacement


Timely replacement of brake pads is not just a safety measure, but also a way to maintain the luxurious driving experience your vehicle is known for. We specialize in using premium-grade pads that complement the engineering of high-end vehicles, ensuring quiet operation and exceptional stopping power

Brake Fluid Change

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Our brake fluid service involves more than just swapping out old fluid. We use top-tier, manufacturer-recommended fluids that preserve the integrity of your braking system and enhance response times, keeping your driving experience both safe and exhilarating.

Brake Disc/Rotor Replacement

Precision is key in rotor replacement, and our technicians ensure that every component aligns flawlessly with your vehicle’s specifications. Experience smoother braking with minimal wear and tear, thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology and the finest materials.

Brake Caliper Servicing

Optimal performance comes from meticulous attention to detail. Our experts adjust and service brake calipers, ensuring they deliver the necessary force to decelerate your luxury vehicle smoothly and reliably.

Brake Line Repair and Replacement

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Protect the integrity of your braking system with our comprehensive brake line services. We inspect and replace worn or damaged lines, using durable materials that resist corrosion and wear, ensuring consistent brake performance in all conditions.

Brake Inspection and Diagnostics

Rely on our thorough diagnostic processes to pinpoint any concerns within your braking system. Our advanced diagnostic tools and expert technicians work together to ensure every component functions perfectly, providing you with peace of mind and superior performance.

Shock & Strut Services

Shock Absorber Replacement


Replacing worn or damaged shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride and maintain vehicle stability.

Strut Assembly Replacement


A thorough check of the entire suspension system, including shocks and struts, for signs of wear or damage.

Strut Mount Repair or Replacement


Fixing or replacing the strut mount, which helps dampen noise and vibration from the suspension.

Spring Replacement


Replacing coil springs that are worn or broken, which can affect the vehicle’s ride height and alignment.

Suspension System Diagnostics


Using specialized tools to diagnose issues in the suspension system, particularly focusing on shocks, struts, and related components.

Shock and Strut Leak Repair

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Repairing leaks in the shocks or struts, which can impair their performance.

Bushing Replacement

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Replacing worn bushings in the suspension system, which can improve ride quality and reduce noise.

Performance Upgrades

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Installing upgraded or performance-oriented shocks and struts for improved handling and ride characteristics.

Axle Services

Axle Inspection


Repairing or replacing the CV joints, which are part of the axle assembly and crucial for transferring power to the wheels while accommodating the up and down motion of the suspension.

CV (Constant Velocity) Joint Repair


This involves fixing or replacing the CV joints, which are a part of the vehicle’s drivetrain. These joints allow a car’s transmission to drive a wheel at a constant speed, accommodating the up-and-down motion of the suspension.

Axle Replacement


Replacing damaged or worn axles, which is essential for the smooth operation and safety of the vehicle.

Boot Replacement


Changing the inner and/or outer CV boot, which protects the CV joint from dirt and moisture. A cracked or damaged boot can lead to CV joint failure.

Differential Service

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Servicing the differential, which is part of the axle assembly and responsible for allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds (especially important in turns).

U-Joint Replacement


Repairing leaks in the shocks or struts, which can impair their performance.

Axle Seal Replacement


Replacing the seals in the axle to prevent fluid leaks, which can lead to significant damage if left unaddressed.

Wheel Hub & Bearing Replacement


Repairing or replacing wheel hub & bearings, which are crucial for the smooth rotation of the wheels on the axles.

Drive Shaft Repair

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For rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles, repairing the drive shaft (which connects the transmission to the rear differential) can be an essential part of axle maintenance.

Battery & Alternator Services

Battery Testing and Inspection


Checking the battery’s charge and health to determine if it needs replacement or can still hold a charge effectively.

Battery Replacement


Removing the old battery and installing a new one, ensuring proper fit and connection for reliable performance.

Alternator Testing


Using specialized tools to assess the alternator’s functionality, ensuring it’s properly charging the battery while the vehicle is running.

Alternator Repair or Replacement


Repairing or replacing a faulty alternator to ensure the vehicle’s electrical systems function correctly.

Battery Terminal Cleaning.


Cleaning the battery terminals to remove corrosion, which can interfere with electrical connections and battery performance.

Drive Belt Inspection or Replacement:


Checking and replacing the drive belt if worn or damaged, as it’s essential for the alternator’s operation.

Check Engine Light Services

Diagnostic Testing


Using specialized diagnostic tools to read the codes from the vehicle’s onboard computer system to identify why the check engine light is on.

Engine Performance Analysis


Assessing the engine’s performance to detect any issues that might trigger the check engine light, such as misfires or poor fuel efficiency.

Sensor Testing and Replacement


Checking and replacing malfunctioning sensors (such as oxygen sensors, mass airflow sensors, or throttle position sensors) that can cause the check engine light to activate.

Emissions System Check


Inspecting the emissions system, including the catalytic converter, EGR valve, and evaporative emissions system, which can all trigger the check engine light if there are issues.

Fuel System Evaluation


Examining the fuel injectors, fuel pump, and fuel lines for issues that could cause the check engine light to come on.

Exhaust System Inspection


Checking the exhaust system for leaks or blockages that could lead to check engine light activation.

Ignition System Service

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Servicing the ignition system, including spark plugs, ignition coils, and distributor, to resolve any issues that might cause the check engine light to illuminate.

Vacuum Leak Detection

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Identifying and fixing any vacuum leaks, which can affect engine performance and trigger the check engine light.

Comprehensive Engine Check


Conducting a full engine inspection to identify any potential issues, from worn belts to overheating problems, that might be related to the check engine light.

Oil Change Services

Standard Oil Change


Replacing old engine oil with new oil and changing the oil filter. This service typically includes checking and topping off other fluid levels as needed.

Synthetic Oil Change


Using synthetic oil, which can provide superior performance and protection compared to conventional oil, especially in extreme temperatures or for high-performance vehicles.

High-Mileage Oil Change


Inspecting the emissions system, including the catalytic converter, EGR valve, and evaporative emissions system, which can all trigger the check engine light if there are issues.

Engine Flush

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Before changing the oil, an engine flush can be performed to clean out sludge and buildup from the engine, which is especially useful for older or poorly maintained vehicles.

Oil Filter Replacement


Replacing the oil filter to ensure efficient filtering of contaminants from the engine oil. (Included in all oil change services)

Transmission Oil Service


Draining old transmission fluid, replacing it with new fluid, and often changing the transmission filter, essential for maintaining the health and efficiency of a vehicle’s transmission system. This service helps to ensure smooth gear shifts and prolongs the lifespan of the transmission.

Oil Leak Repairs

Comprehensive Oil Leak Diagnosis


A thorough inspection to detect and address leaks in any of the common oil leak areas, ensuring the vehicle’s engine and transmission operate efficiently and reliably.

Engine Oil Pan Leak Repair

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Sealing or replacing the upper and/or lower engine oil pan to prevent oil leaks and ensure optimal engine lubrication.

Valve Cover Leak Repair

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Addressing leaks in the valve cover, crucial for preventing oil from seeping out and damaging engine components.

Timing Chain Cover Leak Repair

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Repairing leaks in the timing chain cover to maintain proper lubrication of the timing chain and engine components.

Oil Filter Housing Leak Repair

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Fixing leaks in the oil filter housing to ensure effective oil filtration and prevent oil contamination.

Transmission Oil Pan Leak Service

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Repairing or replacing the transmission oil pan to prevent transmission fluid leaks and maintain transmission health.

Spark Plug Services

Ensure your vehicle’s heart beats with precision. Our Spark Plug Services are tailored specifically for high-end and luxury cars, guaranteeing optimal performance and engine efficiency. Experience the difference with expert technicians who understand the intricate needs of your distinguished ride. We use only the highest quality parts to maintain the exceptional standards your automobile deserves. Trust us to enhance the power, efficiency, and reliability of your engine, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best, every time you turn the key.

Spark Plug Inspection


Checking the condition of the spark plugs to determine if they are worn or fouled and need replacement.

Spark Plug Replacement


Removing old spark plugs and installing new ones, which is crucial for engine performance and efficiency. Frequently, problems with ignition coils are associated with spark plugs, which means that both the coils and the spark plugs may need to be replaced as part of this service.

Spark Plug Gap Adjustment


Adjusting the gap on new spark plugs to the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal engine performance.

Ignition Coil Replacement


If ignition coils are found to be defective, the auto shop can replace them. This is a common service when coils fail or are nearing the end of their service life.

Electrical System Check


Ensuring that the vehicle’s electrical system, including battery and alternator, is functioning correctly, as these components are closely related to spark plug performance.

Transmission Oil Pan Leak Service

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Repairing or replacing the transmission oil pan to prevent transmission fluid leaks and maintain transmission health.

Extended & Third-Party Warranties

Navigating Warranty Coverage with Expertise and Ease

At LaVash Service & Auto Spa, we understand the value and peace of mind that extended and third-party warranties bring to your vehicle ownership experience. That’s why we offer specialized services to honor these warranties, ensuring your car receives the best care while keeping your coverage intact.

How We Work With Your Warranty:

Comprehensive Coverage Understanding: Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in a variety of extended and third-party warranty plans. We take the time to understand the specifics of your coverage, ensuring all services provided align with your warranty terms.

Seamless Claim Processing:
We simplify the claims process for you. From diagnosing the issue to filing the necessary paperwork, we handle the details, making sure your claims are processed quickly and efficiently.

Quality Services Under Warranty:
Whether it’s routine maintenance or more complex repairs, our experienced technicians perform all services with precision and care. We ensure that all repairs and maintenance meet the high standards required by your warranty provider.

Your Trusted Partners in Vehicle Longevity and Performance

At LaVash Service & Auto Spa, we’re more than just a car care center; we’re your partners in maintaining the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Trust us to handle your extended and third-party warranty needs with the same level of excellence and dedication that we bring to every service we offer.


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I was very happy with my service provided by LaVash. I was driving by and needed oil change and car wash. Lately I could not find a car wash that would clean my car very well and have given up hope. I found my go-to place!

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Finally a mechanic that is trustworthy and transparent. Great service and great work done by a group of young hard working men with a drive for perfection. I travel from Queens and it is worth it every time.

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Great service, great prices. The best technician, very knowledgeable. I own two cars and I take them both here.

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